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A Targeted Approach

Blood Transfusions (BT) are necessary when a patient loses more than 0.5 liters of blood. One example of this can been seen in the operating room when a patient experiences significant blood loss. Intraoperative Blood Salvage (IBS) is a technique frequently used during surgeries that have a greater potential for large blood volume loss (liver, renal, etc.) to reduce or avoid allogeneic red blood cell transfusions along with their associated risks and costs. As blood becomes more and more of a commodity, surgeries are increasingly cancelled due to a lack of viable blood.

Benefits of Autologous Salvaged Blood:

  • does not result in immunological challenges and associated safety issues,

  • provides a higher quality of red blood cells and

  • avoids the risk of acquired virus infections due to test failures or untested virus species

Blood salvage and transfusion is common in major surgeries but not currently in oncological surgeries, due to cancer cells that can be found in the shed blood.

Our Solution

Lindis Blood Care is developing a medical device, CATUVAB, to remove cancer cells from blood collected during a surgery.

The CATUVAB device would enable physicians to remove cancer cells from the shed blood during oncological surgeries and – as a result – make Autologous Blood Transfusion safe and possible.

We use a patented technology based on a trivalent antibody and equipment that is currently available at nearly all hospitals.


Benefits of Autologous Blood Salvage over allogeneic blood:

  • The patient’s blood type is instantly available and does not require cross matching

  • No immunosuppression due to allogeneic blood/ erythrocytes resulting in cancer patients’ increased chance of relapse free survival and overall survival

  • Contributes to a higher rate of successful cancer treatments


  • Cost-effective compared to fully burdened allogeneic blood transfusion

  • No costs for treatment of the possible severe side effects associated with allogeneic blood transfusions

Risk Reduction for Tumor Patients and Physicians


No risk of transfusion reactions due to incompatibility e.g. TRALI (transfusion related acute lung injury)


No risk of transmitted disease, such as Hepatitis, CMV, HIV, etc.


No downregulation of patients‘ immune system

Learn about our Business Model

“Blood is a precious commodity. Providing patients with their own purified blood, when they most urgently need it, cleaned from cancer cells directly in the operating room, is what we do. To do so globally is our goal”

Franzpeter Bracht, Founder & Managing Director

Investor Relations

Seed financing was signed by Bracht Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (BBG) in February 2018.

The Next Step in
Blood Management

CATUVAB – a MEDICAL DEVICE to remove cancer cells from salvaged blood

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